Have you Ever? (on accident of course)

This is my first time around the old mom block, and well, let´s just say Esther is a good sport.

Have you ever?

Knocked your baby over causing him or her to cry

Stepped on your baby´s tiny foot?

Got soap in your baby´s eye?

Poked your baby in the eye?

Left your baby without a diaper on (the old airing of the buns) and find him or her a short time later covered in poop, quietly and happily sucking on a poop covered pacifier?

Peed on your baby´s foot?

Well I have, and we are only 8 months in.

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5 Responses to Have you Ever? (on accident of course)

  1. Karyn Gorman says:

    oh man, the poopy pacifier…well not yet but we aren’t to 8 months yet 😉

  2. Update: Dropped a book on her head while quietly reading during nap time?

  3. amy glover says:

    Haha! Little Esther has such a funny mama. 🙂 I love it!

  4. Celia Bisgaard says:

    Yep, pretty much done all of those. Maybe not the poopy pacifier, but did leave baby sans diaper, playing on the floor momentarily, only to come back and find her covered in it, and happily kicking and grinding the poop into the carpet. Have you ever bathed your baby in the sink and gone to rinse her, forgetting to check the H2O temp., and unknowingly the water in the sprayer is scalding hot? Yikes! I think every mom has made a number of mistakes that they feel horrible about. Thankfully, most of the time, the baby is just fine.

    • Susannah says:

      Thanks Celia. Did you see the purple sweater in the next picture? We are loving all the nice baby clothes from your girls, thanks again. Esther is playing with all the toys I brought back as well.

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