Especially Fine

Esther waking up on her birthday morning

Esther waking up on her birthday morning

365 days (almost 366), not a minute too much, that is how long little Esther has been with us, face to face. Thanks for all your cards and nice words. It is nice to celebrate with you, if even from afar.

Here is a video of our Birthday lunch (just the girls today). There is a bit of off-key singing I hope you can overlook. Yes, this is my first rodeo, so I will point out my clearly novice moves before you feel the need.

1) Flame within arms reach of 1-year-old baby

2) Synthetic shirt on said baby, near flame

3) Skin still on avocado.

4) Baby with larger than bite size piece of avocado skin in mouth.

Maybe by next year I will have improved

Take two is a bit better.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

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3 Responses to Especially Fine

  1. Anne says:

    I love your blogs- You are a very normal and funny Mom and Esther is very lucky to have been born to you. She is darling -love her curly hair and her infectious smile and laugh. And yes you do all the regular things newbie and oldtime Moms manage to do to their children. Relax and enjoy your precious Esther! Happy First Birthday Cousin!

  2. amy glover says:

    My girls watched the videos this afternoon, tickled by adorable little Esther. Love the avocado idea! My twins devour them and would be very happy for their own whole avocado for their birthday to this day! I craved and ate them with lime and salt throughout my entire pregnancy — I’ve always wondered if that is why they like them so much. Anyway, a very Happy Birthday to your little dumpling.

    • I was having a moving to Portland fantasy a few weeks ago. I thought then maybe Amy´s girls could watch Esther if we ever went out. . . it was fun to at least think about. I look forward to meeting all your girls one of these days.

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