The wrong side of up

Today I fell down from the swing in slow motion. I did not really fall off the swing, so much as I accidentally lowered myself, with Esther in my lap, to the ground after realizing I was hanging by one arm and was vertical, with the wrong side up.

The park below my apartment, as seen from my window.

We are fine, Esther did not even notice (she also does not quite know how swings are supposed to work, so maybe she thought that was part of the fun).

There were two woman sitting on the other side of the tiny park. Halfway into my dismount, I assumed they would come to rescue mom and or baby, hanging from the swing, when they heard my shout of surprise. They did not. If it was to save face, I appreciate that, we made it out okay.

This is for those of you who thought my Spanish life was going to be quite romantic. Well. . . it is amusing to say the least.

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One Response to The wrong side of up

  1. Jessica Rothman Guerra says:

    Those spanish swings are slick!

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