Around the corner

In between naps, sweeping and reading stories, Esther and I have had many walks to town lately. The weather has been beautiful and I am getting nervous for the hot, dry, sunny summer to come.

Last week I was looking for a place to buy a cake box, and after at least 5 failed attempts (see previous post The land of no se hace), I was directed to a bakery around the corner.

I had never been on this street, and on it was the library I have been looking for the past year (not very hard apparently), a kids bookshop and this amazing bakery.

The woman refused me a cake box, but I could not deny myself some sort of treat for my efforts.

Sweet meringue covered in soft, smooth chocolate, sitting atop a salty, crunchy cookie.

Since that day I have been back a number of times, luckily it is a 20 minute walk from my house and after a few missteps I am only allowed one a day and I have to go and get it on that very day.

The woman at the shop does not smile, ever, even when I say something ridiculous. There are always a few older folks standing in line, and Esther and I make small talk with them while we wait. Sometimes the door to the kitchen is left open and I can peak in and watch the bakers at work. That is really my favorite part.

Yes, this is as delicious as it looks.

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One Response to Around the corner

  1. Steve and Amy Glover says:

    I wouldn’t deny myself either! Oh my.

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