Cake Day

I would not want to be doing anything but staying home with Esther, we have a pretty fun time together. However, I have found that being a stay at home mom leaves most days full of busy work (house cleaning, corralling the baby, trying to read, thinking about cooking a meal and sometimes actually following through, cleaning up after the cats. . . ), but there are few days where I think, ¨Today I really did it all.¨ There are even fewer days when someone comes along and says, ¨Wow, I can´t believe you got dressed and made lunch today while keeping the baby alive all day.¨

I have found a bit of outside entertainment that keeps me on track (ie: I have to clean the house get dressed at least once a week), pays pretty well, and I get praise from people I don´t even know. For a gal who likes to be told ´good job´ at least 100 times a day, it is the perfect arrangement.

What is it? ? ? Making cakes. Well really only one cake a week, but it is the perfect thing.

I make a delicious chocolate layer cake with ganache and a mascarpone filling for this great little pizza place in town. This week I got a second order for a party someone is throwing.

Today I made two, the cakes get a little less lopsided with each week and if I did not make it myself I may say it is the perfect chocolate cake.

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9 Responses to Cake Day

  1. Heidi says:

    You are the cake lady!

  2. Erika says:

    WOW!! I’m impressed. If only I could taste it through the computer. 🙂

  3. dad says:

    Yahoo, GOOD JOB!!!!! Love, dad

  4. Oh man! I sure would like to taste your cakes and even help you make it. Nice job on all of your labors! (Just call me whenever you need some affirmation!)

  5. Molly Kitsmiller says:

    How fun! What a perfect job for you 🙂 That puts a smile on my face – thinking of you making a beautiful chocolate cake . . . Yum!

  6. jessica says:

    Great photo. I think it looks tasty (disregard my previous comment). Hey, who is throwing a party. I bet American expats would LOVE your cake.

    • Thanks. I know I am no photographer, but diarrhea cake, really? Expats do love the cake and they buy it all the time at the shop. The owner is hoping to make it up to ordering 2 cakes a week. The woman who threw the party was a Spanish woman and she just did not want to do much work so she ordered a bunch of pizzas and a cake. I assume they liked it because I heard nothing back.

  7. jessica says:

    Would you make two cakes at once? Or bring one cake twice a week? You need a cake box girl!

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