Tooting my own horn

So sometimes I want to write a post and add some wonderful, perfectly well lit pictures-  then I take those pictures.  It does not come out as I plan.

Here are some things I am quite good at.

1) Speaking Spanish

2) Baking chocolate chip cookies

3) French braiding

4) Organizing other people´s stuff

5) Cleaning the house

6) Making people feel comfortable

7) Relaxing in bed for hours on end

8) Being a nurse

9) Saying funny things

Things I am not so good at

1) Having a sense of direction and remembering how to get places I have been

2) Accepting rejection

3) Cooking fish

4) Making art

5) Remembering historical facts

6) Getting through Classic Literature

7) Saying no to people asking things of me

8) Posing for pictures

9) Controlling my anger (per my husband)

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4 Responses to Tooting my own horn

  1. Nancy says:

    I distinctly remember a VERY good marmitako….

  2. I could add lots to your list of qualities; a helpful understanding of pop-culture :), making soap, wearing beautiful clothes, fixing curly hair, understanding without having to explain, making spanish tortilla, empathy, I could go on and on… We should keep a running list, I think 🙂

  3. Susannah says:

    Thanks Emily, before I posted this I did not want people to think I was fishing for anything. After a nice response like yours I might have to try a a bit of fishing next time around. It is so nice to have a friend who really knows you.

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