A Day in the Life

Esther and I have a pretty good thing going.  This was our day today.

(Ivan requests that you do not notice his belly in this video, it almost did not make the cut for this reason)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We went outside a few times, had a nap, ate some food, played with the cats, but you get the idea.  Miss you all.

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6 Responses to A Day in the Life

  1. Erika says:

    I like the open mouth kiss! 🙂 Thanks for sharing these – I could just eat your baby up. Maya, though, was trying to make the video move to focus on the cats instead.

  2. In my pre baby days I had a hundred cat videos and pictures. Maybe I can send them to Maya. Thanks Erika, I can´t wait for all the girls to get to play together one day.XO

  3. I stopped checking and then you post a whole bunch!!! All the Maeda children crowded around the computer to watch your lovely day with Esther. Even Thomas, who was too sick to work, came to see the fun. 🙂 Thanks for sharing. She is a cutie!!!

    What stomach???

    • Susannah says:

      You know how Ivan is, all mirrors and hair gel. He is back to running again and feels a bit out of shape. I wish all you Maeda´s were here to see her in person. She would just love all the kids.

  4. Molly Kitsmiller says:

    So I guess I have been a little busy since the middle of May – this was the first time I got a chance to check your site. Thanks so much for posting! Esther is so cute – I love to see her toddling around. Love the post on Ivan’s new workout regime: glad I missed that one! 🙂
    Miss you! We had a great gathering of book club folks last week to see Heather’s new baby. Your presence is always missed.

    • Susannah says:

      I miss you all as well. I was so excited to hear that you all were getting together, but felt sad I was not there to soak it all in. It is always such a wonderful time and I would have loved to meet Heather´s little one and sit with you all face to face.

      Thanks for reading Molly.

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