Most consistent at being inconsistent

. . . that may be the new title of my blog, or baby Esther in Spain.  It feels like every time I have something interesting to say about Spain the moment comes and goes and I have no new posts. You will just have to trust me that there are interesting things I think of each day of my life here in Madrid.

For the time being, here is little Esther.  Now 17 months.  I keep thinking she is still my tiny baby and she is not.  She understands almost everything I ask her to do, she is chatting up a storm, she is playing new and funny games each day and she is quite simply growing up.  It is a nice thing to watch.

Here is how we have been trying to keep out of the summer heat.

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I speak English with Esther at home and Ivan speaks Spanish.  She hears me speaking Spanish when we are out and about and she is just picking it all up.  There are some words she likes to say in English and others she like in Spanish.  She used to only say ¨siéntate¨ until yesterday when she strongly advised Ivan to ¨sit down.¨ Azul, kitty cat, baby, sí (when pretending to answer the phone), egg, melon, mira . . the list just keeps growing.


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3 Responses to Most consistent at being inconsistent

  1. Finally!!! I have been waiting to see about your summer. Glad I checked today. I can’t wait to show this to my kids. Esther videos are their favorite.

  2. Susannah says:

    I am so glad you saw it. I wish I were more methodical and posted more often. Thanks for checking back and I love to think of the kids watching little Esther playing with her blocks.

  3. Molly Kitsmiller says:

    She’s so cute – I love how she is so focused on what she is doing. Watch out – she’s going to be a smart one!

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